As well as ingestion, marijuana can also be ingested in the form of sweets and candies. In addition to THC Gummies Canada, we also sell chocolates and baked goods. We have a great selection of products here at Speed Leaf online dispensary. 

How to Choose Correct Enough

You should know the amount of THC to consume when taking edibles. For beginners, the recommended dosage should be 10-30 mg THC followed by waiting 30 minutes. Those who have been smoking for a long time can consume more cannabis. Gummies containing 500mg of THC may be helpful for heavy smokers. 

Consuming Cannabis Edibles

The benefits of consuming THC gummies and edibles from Speed Leaf outweigh the risks of smoking cannabis. Smoking is associated with negative health effects. Eating edible gummies is much easier, as they can be administered easily and quickly.