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Smashed marijuana resembles an amber-colored glass made of butane hash oil solidified into a thin layer. Besides being one of the strongest cannabis concentrates available, shatter contains more than 90% THC. So it’s the best on the market with a rating of 5.00.


Online in Canada, you can obtain shatter in different varieties, but when ordering shatter from Canada, you can locate the brightest and purest transparent variety, such as amber glass. There may be other terms for shatter weed, such as shatter wax or marijuana extract.

Dabbing and vaping marijuana extracts with water pipes and vaporizers entails the same risk. The smokeless product contains 90 percent THC, despite being smokeless. 


The cannabis plant’s flower and trim can be used to make it. Separating cannabinoids from raw cannabis requires heat and compression. Next, any plant matter that is not wanted is vacuumed up.